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Mahalo for visiting the website for the Hawai'i Kakou Community Mural. We are redesigning the site to be a portal for the knowledge contained in the mural.

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About the Hawai'i Kakou Community Mural

In October of 2011, seventeen students with a visual arts background (ages 10-19) five assistants with an art focus (ages 20 – 28) and five kumu artists (established, practicing artists and art educators Kahi Ching, Solomon Enos, Al Lagunero, Meleanna Meyer, Harinani Orme) gathered at the Hawai'i Convention Center on the outskirts of Waikiki to paint a ten foot by 64 foot mural depicting economic systems from an indigenous mindset, through a native Hawaiian lens.

After 1,200 hours of painting over seven days, the Hawai'i Kakou mural was installed. Its presence is a testimony to combined and focused efforts of working together.

This mural is the first piece of native Hawaiian art on public display in the Hawai'i Convention Center. The project was generously funded by the Office of Hawaiian Affairs and gifted to the Hawai'i Tourism Authority. Through the collaboration of these large state agencies, the support of many individuals within these organizations, and the collective efforts of the mural team, hands seen and unseen, the Hawai'i Kākou community mural became a reality.

Download the Learning Guides

There are four guides; each based on something we learned during this process. Each lesson can be used individually or together. The activities in the guide can take as little as one hour to complete, but more time can be spent to give everyone enough time to share and listen to each other. Click a button to download some New Old Wisdom now!